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Who is AL-kon?

AL-kon is owned and run by Mr. Lars Albæk, Ba. Scient. Pol.

I have 10 years of experience working with GPS Systems, Fleet management solutions and foremost national and international freight and transport countercrime measures.

During my last eight years as Sales manager at Dansk Autohjælp and as EUROWATCH country manager, I have been working closely on specific solutions to counter crimes towards transports together with insurance companies, hauliers and the freight owners.

I have gathered great knowledge to all kind of GPS and other technological car systems and has also been working on product development on different types of equipment for many different purposes. I think I can poses that I know the national and international market for these “units” very well, and in which direction the market is turning.

What do AL-kon offer?

The Danish market for anticrime products on transport related crimes, is characterized by many national and international agents who holds in common that they all represent a specific type of hardware or alarm- or controlcenter which they naturally want to promote. Also some specific GPS trademarks are acknowledged by some insurance companies and not by others

AL-Kon act in the roll as advicers for the insurance business 100% independent of the many players on the market. We do not receive any fee from others than our clients, and have therefore no interest in promoting a specific GPS system or anything else, that is irrelevant to our client.

We will always advice our client about what standards we can recommend for specific solutions and when agreed upon we can propose different technical solutions that exactly measures the need of our client. But will always (if possible) present the client with at least two alternative solutions to choose from.

We offers our advice to bring down the costs on stolen trucks, cars or loads, and by working with partners in Europe that are “second to none” we will be able to provide you with advices on how to minimize the risks of your clients when they are transporting goods in DK or abroad.

We know which kind of loads that is prone to crime, and in which areas you need to be more carefull than others. Our knowledge is always “up to date” due to the weekly reports that we receive from our network and partners across Europe.

Why AL-kon for your business?

AL-kon holds the knowledge needed to operate in the future market for various GPS solutions. A market that seems to flourish in the nearest future because the prices are becoming low and the people are beginning to accept the need for the services provided by GPS.

We can provide your employees with the needed knowledge to develop your business when it comes to new GPS solutions by offering the needed education, and we can join your department for product development in the process itself if needed.

We can help you set up your demands on the many different GPS products on the market allowing you to have the best standards, not only for GPS units but also the connected Alarm- or Control center. An aspect most insurance companies “forget” to deal with today.

AL-Kon offers you:

  • Independent and competent advice and consultancy
  • Great know-how on GPS solutions (and other related technical systems)
  • Helps you set standards that fits the demands, for your clients
  • Access to a great national and international network on countercrime and crime prevention that is second to none.
  • Education of employees on GPS and crime prevention
  • Assistance in product development.
  • Advice you on how to combine demands on GPS technology with future demands like eCall and other solutions.
  • The possibility to offer clients a helping hand when they need to invest in fleet management systems. We have to make sure they have systems that meets the demands of the insurance company.

Do you have any questions to AL-Kon or do you want to know more about what we can offer your business, please feel free to contact us at info@AL-kon.dk or phone +45 31 123 888

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